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Hey Mama!

Yeah, you over there, barely keeping your eyes open as you gulp down your cold coffee while simultaneously cooking, feeding your baby, and breaking up the 347th sibling fight of the day... all while trying to stay calm, look after yourself and maintain your sanity.

There's no doubt that motherhood is a juggling act.

You work so hard to be the very best mother/partner/daughter/employee/friend as you can, while constantly putting your needs on the back burner. There's just not enough time in the day to look after yourself, too.

I get it, Mama. As a mother of twin kindergartners, I really, truly get it.

But Mamas, we can't pour from an empty cup.

Your health and happiness matters, too.

That's why Zen Mama Yoga was born - to empower mamas to effortlessly incorporate yoga and wellness into their regular, daily routine without having to find the extra time and energy that we often don't have.

I'm going to teach you how to get your yoga on WHILE you feed your children, work, drive, shower, brush your teeth, cook, clean, and everything else you do on a daily basis. You will also be empowered to manage everyday ailments like headaches, back pain, PMS, stress, anxiety, and so much more, so that you can get back to being the super mama that you already are!

So come along on this journey, Mama. We're in it together.

This virtual wellness studio is designed to meet the largely unmet
needs of busy moms in all seasons of parenting, from new mom to seasoned pro.

Live yoga classes with real time feedback from a live instructor (for the community feel we're craving during these strange times!)

Wellness workshops on topics that are important to mamas, like women's health, parenting, nutrition, meditation, yoga, and many more!

Simple and effective yoga sequences to help with everyday ailments like headaches, back pain, mama brain, PMS, stress and anxiety.

A virtual village of mamas who understand your journey and are here to offer support in a private community away from the distractions of Facebook.

Short and sweet yoga sequences that can be done WHILE you go about your regular daily routine!
Private Virtual Yoga Therapy if you're looking for ongoing support with chronic pain or ailments.

Yoga Pose Tutorials: Want to make sure you're doing the poses safely and correctly? Get access to pictures, text instructions, and accompanying videos. If you're part of the membership, you'll even get customized feedback!

A comprehensive membership that includes all of this and more for an affordable rate.

These mama centred options can be experienced a la carte, or altogether with even more features, like an ever growing on demand replay library, ongoing support from a certified yoga instructor/therapist, a virtual community of mamas, workshops, challenges, access to all future courses, and much more as part of the Zen Mama Membership!

Yoga anytime, anywhere, on any device

You can access this virtual studio and community via your mobile device, tablet or computer 24/7. It's like having a yoga studio and personalized yoga coach in your pocket!

Finally, a virtual wellness studio that understands the needs of today's busy mom.


Short classes that help with issues that are relevant to mothers, like back pain, PMS, overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. Replays are available 24/7 because we know that momming doesn't only happen between 9-5!


Workshops that are relevant to mothers and the topics that concern them - plus, you get to help choose what topics we cover and what type of guest experts we invite! Workshops are short and sweet so that they can be watched in one sitting instead of having to break it up over several days.


Community! Motherhood can be lonely at the best of times, but particularly during the era of covid when we're even further isolated from our "village". Our community is housed on our membership portal, away from the distractions of Facebook. 


This program is perfect for all experience levels, from brand new yogi to experienced practitioner. I guide you step by step so that you feel safe and confident practicing from the comfort of your home. 


Simple sequences that can be done WHILE you perform your daily tasks, because I understand that "free time" is practically unheard of in the world of motherhood.


Content that is customized to YOUR needs! Tell me your pain points and I will create classes and content that can help! I am a busy mom myself, so I understand the needs of today's mother and work to offer you interesting and helpful content. 

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About Jessica

Jessica is a twin mama, entrepreneur, and yogi. Juggling owning a yoga studio and being a full time mama, she began to realize just how difficult it was for mamas to look after themselves.

As many mamas do, she began by giving all of herself to her kids and promising herself that shed tend to her needs later. She soon realized that this approach was unsustainable and she'd have to find ways to squeeze yoga and mindfulness back into her life without having to leave her kids behind or re-adjust their schedule.

As a solution to this, Jessica created fun, simple and most importantly quick ways to seamlessly add yoga and mindfulness into your day, whether you're a new mom or a seasoned pro.

She combines her background as a Canadian Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider), Certified Meditation Specialist, Bachelor of Education and Honours Bachelor of Psychology and weaves in her daily experience as a homeschooling, WAHM and mama of two very energetic, (and super adorable), kindergarteners.

"The illustrations and language bring to life a mothers' lived experience. Your cards are relatable and highlight a sense of accessibility that makes self care tangible for mothers with full lives".

Dr. Jessica Killebrew
Psychotherapist & Wellness Coach

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